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Canadian Dimension

Pictures from my series "working conditions" appeared in the May/June issues of Canadian Dimension, The Quebec Immigrant Workers Centre Experience: Fighting Precarity, volume 48, number 3, pages 29-32, 2014). Canadian Dimension is a platform for left-wing political thought.

  • MayWorks

    The Immigrant Workers Centre will be holding its yearly MayWorks festivities at CEDA, at 2515 Rue Delisle in Montreal, this coming Saturday May 17 starting at 18:00. This event celebrates the struggle of migrant workers through the arts. I've been…

    The Guardian Newspaper

    A picture from the series "working conditions" will be published in the summer issue of The Guardian Newspaper in August 2014. The picture will accompany an article written by Jennifer Whiteside. The Guardian is the newspaper of the Hospital Employees…